3D Modeling

During my first year at university, one of the units required creating a detailed and challenging model in 3DS Max. I have done a bit of 3D modeling in the past but nothing to this level (as seen on page two). Learning new tools and techniques like Lofting, NURBS, Boolean and (although haven’t used yet) metaballs. Displayed here is my gaming PC i decided to model for the unit. I used said tools above as well as mesh edit and animation (not visible in P3D format) to create it.

I found this challenging and very time-consuming. To accompany the model we were tasked to write a limiting 1,000 word report covering the techniques and tools used in creation. This was hard to balance the amount of detail and which sections of the model to discuss. I managed to get the word count to fit comfortably with the limit utilizing the use of images and screenshots to help discuss and demonstrate issues and solutions.