3D Modeling


This is a collection of 3D models which i decided to start creating from furniture in my room. I started by using the line tool to draw out the shape of the room to allow me to create walls. Once I had two borders I used the ‘edit mesh’ modifier with the ‘attach’ feature to connect one to the other. This modifies it into one object, allowing me to then extrude out just the walls leaving an empty room. I then created the floor and ceiling by going back to the line tool and ‘drawing’ inside the wall from the top perspective, and using the same extrude technique to create a thin box as a carpet and then copied it for the ceiling.


Before i started any of the furniture, i began on the windows and doors. I did this with a technique called ‘Boolean’ which allows me to take a shape away from another. I built a standard box, adjusted the size and position of it for where i wanted the window to be and then used the Boolean to ‘delete’ the contents of the wall where the box was, creating a perfectly sized hole in the wall. I used the same technique inside the window and for the door to create the various frames needed.

The table was created using two different standard primitives; the ‘box’ and the ‘cylinder’. I started with the legs and created one with the desired dimensions, and used shift+move to create a copy of the leg to create a few more exactly the same. I then finished off the table by adding the surface with the ‘box’ shape and connecting them all together as one object using the same ‘attach’ feature as before.

The set of draws was a little more complicated as it required to use the ‘boolean’ tool several times to create all the hollow spaces, like the space the draws slot into as well as the space in each draw. I then added some handles using the sphere primitive and using the scale tool to make it more of an oval shape.