Colour Run

Colour Run is the first game i have designed, developed and publish. It was created as part of my Video Game Development course in my first year for the final major project. It is developed in the Unity® Engine and built for the Android™ platform.

I integrated the Google Play Games Services into the project and set up Google sign in, Leaderboards and achievements. This allowed players to compete against other players all over the world.

To play my game, you simply have to collect the correct colour points which roll towards you and try to avoid the opposite colour as this will actually detract points from your score. You must also try to avoid the large squares which will knock you of the platform and the game will end. The colour of points you will need to collect will alter at random intervals throughout the game which keeps the player alert. The longer the player plays the faster the points and obstacles will travel toward you.

The leaderboards and achievements encourage the player to take part in competitive and alternative gameplay by allowing them to compare scores and try to gain Google Play Games points by completing achievements. There are many achievements in my game which start from the very first game the player plays. This is because I have created a “Play a game of colour run” achievment, which also has enabled me to add a form of analytic s to see how many people are continuing to play.

My game has been so far downloaded by over 900 people from a variety of countries (despite text being in English) and have received positive feedback from reviews and ratings. As it stands, Colour run does not have any audio, which I feel does retract from the gameplay as sound is an important method of feedback.

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