Game Development

My Video Game Development started in 2013 when a new course was introduced to my college at the end of my first year. I decided to take up this course due to my interest in the industry and curiosity of how games were made. Before studying video game development I didn’t play many games, but when I did it was mostly mobile games, racing/driving games and platformers like Crash Bandicoot on the console.


Since the start of the course, I was mainly interested in mobile game development because of the fast growing market and continuous growth as technology advances and becomes more affordable. During the first year of the course there were popular games trending like Flappy Bird, Temple Run, Coin Dozzler and Can Knock Down. These are games which inspired me to choose mobile as my desirable development direction.


My first game was created and published approaching the end of the first of two years as part of the ‘Final major project’. This game was developed entirely by myself from the art, modelling, coding, menus and putting it all together in Unity. I published it to the Google Play store which i found relatively easy once the developer tools and API’s were installed on my machine and configured with unity.


To date my game has been downloaded by over 900 people from all over the world.


I co-founded an indie game development studio which you can find more about here: Spectrolite Studio