Website Development


Since the last year of college I have been actively learning and utilizing the powerful tools WordPress has to offer. For years I always said “All wordpress sites look the same”, which I presumed was limitations on wordpress’ side. I first used wordpress, like many, on which I found wasn’t that great and there was no real options to customize/personalise it apart from downloadeing different themes.

The next limitation i found was when trying to post a web-build of a unity game on the site. I spent hours trying to get it to work to find out (1.) doesnt allow external links to access files and sources and (2.) you cannot install plugins, leaving a handful of plugins allows you to use. It is issues like this which lead me to download wordpress, set up a local server in a virtual machine and try it that way. voila it works! Once you are hosting wordpress yourself rather than you unlock its full potential.

Many people don’t realise what wordpress actually is. Most think wordpress is a website/blog online service like ‘WIX’ and ‘Weebly’ when in reality it is actually a piece of software known as CMS (Content Management System) you install and host which then manages information and displays it to clients browsers. is a service that uses this software, in a limiing way, on their own servers allowing people to use wordpress for free without having to purchase hosting.

Over my time using wordpress I have taught myself many basic html, css and php languages. This allows me to alter the look and appearance of content on my pages as well as layout and underlying configurations to adapt a pre-existing theme to my liking. I am also using plugins, for example ‘bootstrap codes’ and ‘google fonts’ to add features and appearance tweaks to elements and content.

Websites I host and maintain: